Is it just me …

According to an editorial in yesterday's Commercial Appeal, the city wants to spend $500,000 to figure out how to run city government more efficiently and they don’t want to go through the bid system. This is one of those catch twenty-two thingies, isn’t it?

Herenton wants to hire Public Financial Management to do the study. He’s trying to persuade the city council to go along but doesn’t want to look around to find someone who can do the job just as well as PFM but cheaper. Robert Lipscomb is also pushing PFM.

Then, there is this …

Marlin Mosby, the firm's managing director, is a former finance director for the city.

Given Mosby's close ties to city government, it might be beneficial to hire a different company that could offer a fresh perspective on the way Memphis conducts its business.

It's also a bit curious that PFM officials have estimated that this study could save the city $50 million over five years. Since PFM already has a contract to provide financial advice to the city, company officials shouldn't be holding back any information they have about potential savings.

And, this …

Council members wanted to know why PFM was planning to charge the city $650,000, when the company did a similar study for Shelby County government for only $500,000.

Presto! Now, the asking price for Memphis is $500,000, too.

Oh, just go read it for yourself.


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