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I saw the Stones when they were here in 1999 at Liberty Bowl Stadium. I saw them thanks to Number One Son (NOS). At that time NOS was working as a rigger/technician for a local lighting company. Understand the situation. When a band (or a solo performer) tours they’ll often bring just their lighting designer, a lighting tech (or two), a highly detailed light plot and key instruments that will be difficult to get on the road. The people needed to do the bulk of the set-up usually are hired from the local unions in each city. NOS and his boss were members of 69, the local stagehand union. They (like many others) got the gig.

About 5 PM the afternoon of the concert, I arrived home from school. My Loving Wife (MLW) had dinner on the table when I walked in. That was odd. She rushed me through dinner, told me (TOLD ME) to change into some comfortable clothes and rushed me out the door. Odder. We got into the pick-up and she drove. Did I have questions? You betcha. She answered none of them though.

I had even more questions when she pulled into the parking lot of the Poplar Lounge. I’ve downed a beer or two in many local “dives” but the Poplar Lounge was not one of them. (We’ll talk about Millers’ Cave and Green’s Lounge another time.) We hopped out of the pick-up. Here come NOS and his boss. NOS is carrying two cold beers (Heinekens). He hands one to me. Then he hands me an envelope. The envelope contains a ticket to the Stones concert. Wow. You cannot image how I felt.

The Stones were great. Of course, they were great. Would you expect any less from “the world’s best rock and roll band”? However, that was (almost) secondary to the fact that NOS had gotten me the ticket. He didn’t have to ask if I wanted to go. He just knew.

You know, this post was supposed be about the Rolling Stones' upcoming Memphis gig. I guess my fingers sort of wandered along the way. So just go read the article.


Blogger Tman said...

great story...tough to beat a suprise envelope with Stones tickets inside...

Wed Aug 24, 07:05:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Cg said...

You're mighty right about that.

Fri Aug 26, 12:35:00 PM CDT  

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