Just back the truck up …

I didn't read the Commercial Appeal this morning. Neither did the wife. So she's reading the CA tonight and mentions that there is an article about a financial consultant who works for the city and county and also owes those bodies nearly $50,000 in back taxes. The article goes on to mention that Mayor Herenton wants to pay this consultant's company $500,000 to conduct an efficiency study.

I also wanted to read the article. So I fire up the computer and guess what? The online article makes no mention of the fact that Herenton wants this consultant's company to conduct a $500,000 efficiency study. His name and the amount isn't even mentioned in the online article. Whasup with that, CA? That's a key part of the story. Why is it not in the online edition?

Check for yourself. Go to County, city fiscal consultant owes tax. Compare the two versions of the article.


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