Just give me some truth

How long has Cindy Sheehan had the Bush ranch in Crawford Texas staked out? The actual time span doesn’t matter as much as what has happened since she’s been there.

So far Dubya and his toadies have done their jobs. Dubya ignored her and sent his toadies to talk to her. Then the smear campaign began. Dubya did make reference to her during a press conference. I guess he figured that was good enough.

Yesterday, Dubya and Laura didn’t even wave as their Texas convoy of SUV’s zoomed by on their way to a fund raising barbeque. And the Bush lackeys do what
they are told. They smear her. They ridicule her. They question her integrity. They make fun of her, calling her names like “cow”. They attempt to divide her family. And they do it while calling themselves imitators of Jesus, who is most famously known as the Prince of Peace.
Just give her some truth.


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