Nip it!

“Killing Chavez, who is visiting Cuba, would be cheaper than starting a war, AP cited Robertson as saying.” That’s television evangelist Pat Robertson we're talking about. That's what he told viewers yesterday. Apparently, ‘Ole Pat feels that Chavez (and Venezuela) is a potential problem (quagmire) waiting to happen. Therefore, we nip it in the bud, so to speak.

So what’s gotten ‘Ole Pat’s panties in a wad? There are the U.S. allegations that Venezuela is trying to undermine democracy in Latin America, and they are using their oil to do it. Then there’s the fact that Venezuela sells beaucoup oil to the U.S. and is threatening to dam off the spring. You really didn’t think it wasn’t about the oil did you?

‘Ole Pat is just doing what any conservative, patriotic, good Christian would do? Isn’t he?


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