Okay, I give up

I tried to find this on the Commercial Appeal’s website but couldn’t. Where do they hide this stuff? Anyway, below is a direct quote from today’s Sweet Note, Sour Note section of the CA.

Were all of you washing your hair that day?

On the flip side, a sour note goes out to a group of folks who voluntarily benched themselves. To all the eligible citizens who didn’t vote in Thursday’s special election, we can only shake our heads in wonder.

The winner of the state Senate District 29 race will replace John Ford, who was in office for 30 years before resigning following his indictment in the Tennessee Waltz

If finding a capable replacement for him isn’t motivation enough to get you to the polls, what would it take?

Last Thursday’s turn out was pathetic. Many of us hoped that this special election was the beginning of the end of “business as usual” in local politics. Maybe we have to hit bottom before folks are sufficiently motivated.


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