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I debated whether to weigh in on yeasterday’s Commercial Appeal articles concerning R.A.C.E. I had decided that because I have been reporting on Zoning Board and Land Use Control Board meetings that dealt with the issue, I’d let this slide for the moment. Then I received the following email. This isn't really "weighing in" but it is important.
Yesterday the Commercial Appeal ran several articles regarding R.A.C.E.'s efforts to build and operate a radioactive waste incinerator in Memphis.

To say their approach was neutral would be a stretch. They seemingly are in support of Memphis becoming a leading importer of radioactively contaminated waste from many sources including nuclear reactors.

This is outrageous and could have long-term consequences that adversely affect the health of our citizens as well as our ability attract other businesses to our city.

Please write a letter to the editor of the Commercial Appeal and make your voice heard.

The Commercial Appeal accepts letters to the editor via e-mail addressed to letters@commercialappeal.com

Robert Applebaum - the co-chairman or RACE stated that "You run a much greater risk of being struck by lightning than of being harmed by a radiation accident." True, but does that mean you need to walk around with a lightning rod in your hand.

He also states that "no citizen" has been harmed from similar operations in Oak Ridge, TN. But can he calculate the value of the opportunities lost. Memphis is in the process of becoming a top tier city and an active radioactive waste incinerator is not ever listed among the features being sought by businesses as they inquire about relocating their corporate home to Memphis.

He also goes on to state that "In the unlikely event of an accidental release of radioactive material, however, RACE could quickly contain and clean up the problem at no risk to citizens." What an imagination - How do you suppose they would "quickly contain and clean up" radioactively contaminated ash that is blowing in the wind or floating down our river. Please let's get serious and put an end to this threat to our future livelyhood as a growing, progressive, healthy, city.

Memphis Truth

And just in case you didn’t read Sunday’s Commercial Appeal articles on the R.A.C.E. controversy


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