Update from the coast

Heard from buddies Mike and Barb about forty-five minutes ago (eight fifty-five). They live in Gulfport about a mile and a half to two miles from the water. They chose to batten down and weather instead of buggin' out. So far they have had some flooding and the patio is no more. Other than that (and Barb being scared to death) they are fine.

It could be worse. I heard that the first floor of Beau Rivage is under seven feet of water. Not surprised. It is right on the water. News reported that there are sailboats on U.S. 90. Sounds bad, but that's not a surprise either if you know where 90 is located. Not as bad as it could have been. So far.

About thirty minutes later, Number One Son called. He, the wife and her parents made it to Grayson Louisiana just fine. No problems. It hasn’t even rained in Grayson yet. They’ll be fine.


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