Wendi’s Q & A

Did you read Wendi Thomas’ column today? If you did you should have noticed that it is mainly a series of questions? Did you insert your own answers? Yes, No? Well you should have. My answers are below.

Go. Re-read Wendi’s column and insert your own answers.

So that’s irony.

Run out? Not likely. They’ve been cloning N.J. in the funeral home’s basement for years now.

Then Lord help us.

It does seem that the local GOP is asleep at the wheel. Maybe they’re not a part of the try harder faction.

Why not? The city is strapped for cash. The contest’s winner could be appointed mayor, or dog catcher, or something.

Well it sure didn’t make me feel any better about MLGW.

Damn straight.

Uhhh …

Horribly sad doesn’t cover it.

I could play the “race card” here.

When parents started giving their kids bigger and more expensive “things” as indicators of parental love.

And, that’s a bad thing?

Where? Here in Memphis?

I would have thought so.

The whole meeting? What’s the max number for an entire meeting?

Works for me.

Maybe her meds were kicking in.

I’ll answer that one after I clean up the soda I sprayed out through my nose.

We could just vote him off the island, so to speak. On the other hand, we could call Pat Robertson. Maybe he has some ideas. Tell him Herenton’s undermining democracy in Latin America.

Naahh that wouldn’t help.


Blogger Mr. Taylor said...

You know, peole like Wendi Thomas write the way they do, believing they are doing some sort of service the newspaper reading public. It's disrespectful. Disagree woithout being disagreeable. If it sells papers, well, that's capitalism for you. But that little chunky black woman with the body of an ogre has gotten ridiculous, as has local reporters. Even Jerry Tate took a parting shot at senator John Ford all the while his own son was being charged with a number of felonies. A bunch of hippocratical disrespectful folks whose comeuppance is coming.

Sat Jan 28, 03:56:00 PM CST  

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