Bidness as usual II

Unless you’ve been living off planet for the past three months you know that democrat Ophelia Ford defeated republican Terry Roland in a special election to fill the seat of former State Senator John Ford. Furthermore, Ophelia Ford beat Roland by thirteen votes. Thirteen. Ophelia Ford’s slim margin of victory says volumns about the Ford machine’s dwindling hold on local politics and the small turnout for this special election. More on that later.

Roland filed suit to contest the September 15 special election. Wouldn’t you contest losing by a mere 13 votes? Local attorney Richard B. Fields, a Democrat, represented Roland. This puts Fields in an awkward position.

Fields has outraged some Democrats by representing Terry Roland, a Republican who on Friday filed suit to contest the Sept. 15 special election that Ophelia Ford, the Democrat, won by 13 votes. Since July, Fields has been one of 67 members elected to serve two-year terms on the Shelby County Democratic Party's executive committee, which leads the local party.

On Oct. 6, the committee will consider a resolution giving Fields three options: Repudiate his support for Republicans and remain on the committee, resign and remain a Democrat, or be expelled and branded a "non bona fide Democrat."

Like Fields, many of us want “political honesty” and would run the risk of being labeled a "non bona fide Democrat" to find out what really happened. The certification of Ophelia Ford as the victor by 13 votes is too much like bidness as usual.

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Blogger LeftWingCracker said...


This is a conflict of interest issue; he is essentially aiding a Republican nominee while serving on the Board of Directors of the Democratic Party.

He can resolve this with no action taken against him by either dropping his association with Roland or resign his seat on the Executive Committee.

If he does either of those, he resolves the conflict; if he's not on the ExecCom, he is free to help roland all he wants and he will probably be free to run again for the Committee in 2 years with no retribution.

I'm not thrilled with ophelia either, but once she became the nominee, his hands were tied if he wanted to remain on the Committee.

Thu Sep 29, 01:29:00 AM CDT  

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