Brownie resurfaces

That's right. Ex-FEMA chief and all around fuck-up Michael Brown is back. And, he has a new job.

Thanks for the heads up Len.

Then there's this ...

In an Associated Press article today Brown actually tries to defend FEMA’s lapses in Nawlins’. His attempts at defense sound lot like your average bureaucrat trying to shift blame to protect his own ass.

Embattled former FEMA director Michael Brown says he was initially unaware of desperate conditions at the New Orleans Convention Center because it was not a planned Hurricane Katrina evacuation site, according to a congressional memo.

After learning from television about the thousands of evacuees who gathered at the center, Brown ordered food and water be delivered there. But Brown, who on Tuesday faces a House inquiry into the government's slow response to the Aug. 29 disaster, told congressional aides that "there is no reason FEMA would have known about it beforehand."
Why didn’t he just ask? Never assume.

Brown did not take any official notes during conference calls he ran with state and federal authorities and "just assumed that agencies would follow up on taskings resulting from the calls."
Never assume. Read the complete article.


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