I wondered how long it would take the Commercial Appeal to begin running New Madrid Fault stories. Mid-Southerners need reminding. Now is the time to prepare.

When the Big One hits Memphis, there will be no warning.

Centuries in the making, the massive earthquake will ripple out of the New Madrid fault and convulse the ground for hundreds of miles in every direction.

The earth will heave and buckle, rolling in waves and shaking violently. The noise will be deafening as thousands of tons of rock and stone scrape and grind.

Adding to the din will be the shattering windows and cascading furniture, the car and house alarms and the screams.

Go read the rest of the article. It's not pretty. In addition, the CA has five other earthquake related stories. Lesson one: 'They are not coming!' , What you might need , Earthquake facts , Earthquake hazards , and Are we prepared? . Read them. Read them all.


Anonymous Larry said...

The missing lesson.

Lesson Six: Maintain your weapons and ammo.

You should have a minimum of one 12-g shotgun and one pistol (min 9mm; I have a .40 and .45 caliber) per adult in household in an urban setting. A carbine would be nice in the country but be very careful in its use due to the power and range of the bullet ... especially if used in an urban environment.

You should have enough ammo for firing an avg of three times a day at a minimum for a month for each weapon (90 rounds) to protect your home and family and to ward off looters, thieves, etc.

Armed militia protects its New Orleans neighborhood

Band of neighbors survived Hurricane Katrina, then fought off looters

Mon Sep 12, 07:52:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Cg said...

You're right. Actually I keep 2 12 gauges and a 38. Vacuum sealers are great for storing extra ammo.

Mon Sep 12, 08:58:00 AM CDT  

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