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Friday I received this email from Matt Kuhn , Shelby County Democratic Party Chair.
To Shelby County Democrats

I've been at the Election Commission all morning acting as an official observer of the counting of the provisional ballots. There were 7 provisional ballots and after researching the provisional ballots the official tally was Ophelia Ford by 13 votes.

The State Republican Party has asked the Attorney General to seize and impound the county's election machines. The Attorney General has no authority to do such a thing, but I guess the Republicans don't really care. The State Republican Party intends to contest the elections alleging voter improprieties, such as felons voting.

I have asked Attorney Jim Strickland to be prepared to issue a legal statement on behalf of the party in the event we will be involved in any challenges. The Democratic Party of Shelby County will support the elective process and has full faith in the Shelby County Election Commission.

It is unfortunate that the Republican party has chosen to not accept defeat graciously and cast needless dispersions on our Election institutions.

Matt Kuhn, Chair, Democratic Party of Shelby County

According to today’s Commercial Appeal, Ophelia Ford isn’t worried about a recount of Thursday’s ballots.

"I don't want to talk about this at the Cooper-Young Festival," she said Saturday afternoon. "I have victory. I am a senator now."

But Terry Roland, her Republican opponent in the District 29 race, said Ford should enjoy her win while she can.

"We don't want to tip our hand, but we have a team of attorneys who are looking at this thing," he said Saturday. "We're going to get to the bottom of this."
Go read the CA article.


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