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Go to www.conyersblog.us <http://www.conyersblog.us/> for the list of Congressmen that co-sponsored John Conyers Katrina Bankruptcy Relief Bill to protect the victims of Katrina. Congressman Ford, Jr. is not on the list of 31 co sponsors.

As of last week, Congressman Ford has not co-sponsored House Resolution 375 the Resolution of Inquiry by Congresswoman Barbara Lee regarding theDowning Street Memo.

E. J. Dionne in a recent op-ed stated "If there is a line for the opposition (Democrats) to draw in politics now, it concerns whether government will defend the interests of the few or the interests of the many."

Howard Dean had this to say: "And I must just say that it's not enough just to put the Democrats back in power. I don't want the same old Democratic Party that sat around on its butt and thought that if it was like the Republicans it might win an election once in a while. We've got to have real change in this country."

Please encourage Congressman Ford to get on board with the DEMOCRAT agenda.

You can contact Congressman Ford at: http://www.democrats.com/peoplesemailnetwork/50


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