Just how high was that horse you rode in on?

I found this lettter in today's Commercial Appeal. Feel free to insert your own joke.
The Germantown way
I hope "you all" understand that if an earthquake or tornado rips Germantown in half, we do not want any messy deliveries of food and water. Please make sure they are dropped at the rear entrance, only during normal business hours. And, please, no noisy emergency helicopters after dark.
We only accept brand-new, name-brand clothes "on hanger." Please, no tacky "help us" signs, and apply for proper sign permits two weeks in advance to allow Germantown officials to approve color choices. Cash transfers from FEMA, etc., directly to our money market accounts are OK.
A special thanks to our code enforcement department and Germantown city government that make us look like idiots.
Harassing Kelly Hopper for her Katrina relief efforts at the Germantown El Porton restaurant is a disgrace (Sept. 14 article, "G'town questions relief site's neatness/Restaurant parks trailer to collect donated goods for Gulf Coast victims").
Edwin Landshof


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