Monday, August 15, 2005

The Gulf Coast. Or as Bubba would call it, “the northern edge of the Caribbean”. It all seems like a dream now.

On Monday August 15, My Loving Wife (MLW), Number One Daughter (NOD) and I left Memphis heading south. Eight hours (no hurry) and less than a tank of gas later, we were turning east onto U.S. Highway 90, or Beach Boulevard.

MLW and I were familiar with the Mississippi coast. We’d been down quite a few times to visit Number One Son (NOS) and friends who had relocated there. NOD had visited the Mississippi only once before. It was last summer in fact. Not a long visit by any means but she did enjoy the visit.

While there, we got our tourist thing on. We walked the beach, ate seafood, drank fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas sticking out of the glasses (i.e. boat drinks), and did some gambling. I played the penny slots. Don’t laugh. I won forty dollars playing those penny slots. Everything was perfect, or at the very least, it was close enough for rock and roll.

The three of us enjoyed Gulfport/Biloxi for two days. Early Wednesday morning, the three of us with Number One Son headed for New Orleans. This would be NOD’s last day with us. She was scheduled for flight out of Louie Armstrong International back to Anchorage and home around noon.

Since we had to go through New Orleans to get to the airport “we were forced” to make a stop in the French Quarter. (That’s right, forced!) Because we were “forced to stop”, we headed for Café du Monde for beignets and coffee. By the time, we headed back to the vehicles we were all covered with powdered sugar, especially MLW. (Hummm, maybe here is where the photos should go. No she would frakin’ …)

We got NOD to the airport and she left on time. NOS headed back to Biloxi while MLW and I headed back to our hotel in Biloxi. By Thursday afternoon, we would be in Memphis. Little did any of us suspect what was in store for the Gulf Coast less than a month later.


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