Nicholas D. Kristof

… Hurricane Katrina also underscores a much larger problem: the growing number of Americans trapped in a never-ending cyclone of poverty. And while it may be too early to apportion blame definitively for the mishandling of the hurricane, even President Bush's own administration acknowledges that America's poverty is worsening on his watch.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported a few days ago that the poverty rate rose again last year, with 1.1 million more Americans living in poverty in 2004 than a year earlier. After declining sharply under Bill Clinton, the number of poor people has now risen 17 percent under Mr. Bush.

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Anonymous Larry said...

Offer all the locals in the Katrina disaster area jobs to clean up and rebuild.

There should not be one person in that area without job once the reconstruction cranks up. Don't allow contractors to bring in outside employees unless everyone who wants a job is hired.

Before Katrina, unemployment was down to 4.9% so there shouldn't be a lot of people outside the area rushing in there for work.

Thu Sep 08, 11:42:00 AM CDT  

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