Last night the Shelby County Executive Committee held it’s monthly meeting at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers headquarters in Midtown. The meeting was scheduled for seven but just prior to it there was a fund-raiser for Ophelia Ford. In case you’ve forgotten, Ophelia is the sister of John Ford and is running for the District 29 senate seat that Brother John recently resigned. In less than two weeks, she’ll face the republican contender for the District 29 seat.

My problem; I live in District 29. So far, most of us haven’t a clue as to why we should vote for her other than the fact that she’s a democrat and the party is backing her. Who is she? What has she done?

One of her pieces of campaign literature features pictures of Edmund Ford (Memphis City Council, Joe Ford (Shelby County Commission) and Harold Ford Jr. (U.S. Representative) under the caption, “FORD … A Tradition of Public Service”. (No picture of Brother John?) But let’s not forget the real point here. What has Ophelia Ford done?


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