Simply amazing

This morning, the wife and I were up and out early. We wanted to get to the Southaven Sam’s gas station and fill up before the long lines. It worked; it cost $36 and change to top off my truck’s tank. And I only needed half a tank! Incredible.

Number One Son and wife are on their way. They should arrive sometime today, tomorrow at the latest. They will be staying with us until they decide what they want to do. We’ve already been able to line up temporary jobs for them while they are here. That’ll keep them going for a while.

Our friends Mike and Barb may also be coming north. Maybe. We haven’t heard from them in three days. We do have a mutual friend who has been making runs south with supplies who says on his next run he’ll try to get into Gulfport and bring them out. Hope he can.

This morning at the Southaven Wal-Mart, we were able to talk to a utility crew from Indianapolis. They were heading south. Indianapolis? Amazing. They thought they could do some good so they saddled up and headed south. These same guys were in Florida last Fall. Crews are heading out from all across the country. In addition, as we were heading back to Memphis a convoy of utility trucks heading south passed us. We all know this happens, but only when you see them heading south do you fully appreciate these guys . They're simply amazing.
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