Somebody dropped the frakin’ ball

I realize that now is not the time to place blame. Molly Ivins says that would be tacky. But there are too many elected officials who should have known what was up who have been declaring that they were surprised by the situation in New Orleans or that they didn’t realize the severity of the situation. They are either lying, incompetent or possibly both. If they hold an elected position they are a danger to those citizens they are suppose to represent.
As a former Congressman, I understand how difficult some of these situations are. But don't you believe in the coming days that this storm caught people by surprise. We knew in Pensacola, Florida, that this was going to be a killer storm. It was going to be a Category 4. We were saying on Friday, it would be a historic storm.

So, any politician in Louisiana, Alabama, or Mississippi that tells you they were surprised, they don't deserve your trust or your vote next time.
The above is from MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough blog. For the rest >>


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