Update from the coast IV

Number One Son and his wife arrived from the coast (via Grayson Louisiana) Saturday night. They have no idea the condition their Biloxi apartment or the status of any of the possessions they left behind. They do know that their jobs are gone. They’ll stay here in Memphis at least temporarily, find jobs and make some money. They’ll check out their Biloxi apartment later. They do know that they no longer want to live on the coast.

Yesterday (Sunday) we finally heard from Mike and Barb in Gulfport. They are still without power and running water, but things are looking up for them. They and their neighbors pooled their resources and took care of each other. In addition, some cell phone service provider came through and distributed free prepaid phones. Mike is even back at work. He’s armed security so there is plenty of work. His pick-up still isn’t running but his supervisor comes for him.

I guess we can say that everything is going well. Or, everything is going as well as it can at the moment. Or, everything is good under the circumstances. Ah hell. Let’s just say that it is what it is.


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