Update from the coast V

Number One Son and wife have been bunking in with us for almost a week now. The wife starts working on Monday while NOS has another job interview on Monday. Last night though he worked the coliseum’s rap concert. It’s a start.

Heard from Mike and Barb yesterday. They’re fine. Mike’s back working security at Gulfport’s power company. The pick-up is still dead and he hasn’t been able to contact the insurance company yet. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they (and all the other resident’s of their apartment complex) have been told that they need to vacate by September 16th. The hurricane damage has caused a health hazard; mold. They’re looking but if they can’t find a place by the 16th they will probably return to Memphis. That would add two more to our household.

This just in ...

Not 10 minutes after I published this Mike called. They're confident that the apartment complex owners will give them more time to find a new place. I hope he's right.


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