Update from the coast V

Number One Son and his wife left Memphis for Biloxi Thursday afternoon. They were eager to survey the damage to their apartment.

We talked to NOS yesterday. The apartment wasn’t as bad as expected. The ceiling had fallen in the living and dining rooms, but not the roof. In addition, there was no water damage and their belongings were undamaged.

He tried to describe the level of destruction he saw in the Biloxi/Gulfport area, but he just didn’t have the words. I’ve never known him to be at a loss for words.

NOS called again this morning. He and the wife have decided to stay in Biloxi for the time being. There's so much to do there. He's found a job there already. He could find a job on a deserted island.

They don't want to live on the Gulf Coast anymore. He's only been there for five years but he's certain that he's tired of running from hurricanes. He and the wife have discussed where they want to settle. Memphis is out of the question. Northern California, Reno and Vegas are possibilities though.

Mike (of Mike and Barb) also called this morning. They’re doing fine. They haven’t moved yet because they haven’t found a place to move to. The landlords have given everyone extentions. Electricity and phones (landlines) are still down. Tap water is still undrinkable but there's plenty of bottled water. Food and Barb's meds are not a problem. Right now Mike has more work than he can handle.

And that's the news from the south coast.


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