The city's prevailing wage ordinance is about to expire. That's bad. The Memphis City Council needs to extend it. This ordinance insures that construction workers are paid a fair wage. If nothing is done the ordinance will auto-destruct (automatically real) in October. Read on to find out the importance of this ordinance.
When the council passed this groundbreaking legislation in 1999, it required contractors on city construction projects to pay their workers no less than the average hourly wage that is paid on similar construction projects in our region.

Two years ago, the City Council extended prevailing wage requirements to include providing health care and retirement benefits. The council understood that paying fair wages without such benefits did only so much good to workers. Council members also understood that without health insurance, construction workers would have to rely on public resources such as the Regional Medical Center at Memphis and TennCare to get the health care they need.

Extending this ordinance is a win-win for everyone except contractors that don't pay the prevailing wage or offer benefits.

Read the complete column. Then write or call your city councilperson. Don't let this ordinance dissapear.

Now go read.


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