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By the time you read this I'll be at St. Francis Hospital being prepared for surgery. I got the news about a month ago. Since then I’ve been trying to write this post.

About a month ago I saw a gastroenterologist and had a colonoscopy. It was my first colonoscopy. I knew that there wasn't a history of cancer on my mother's side of the family. On my father's side, I had no clue. I’m over fifty. I should have had my first before turning fifty. Nevertheless, I didn’t.

This all began about three months ago when I went to my primary care physician for my annual physical. Everything was fine except for some polyps and a little blood. So I was sent to see a gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist scheduled a colonoscopy. Some of the polyps were removed during the procedure. Some weren’t. In addition to the polyps a pre-cancerous mass was found in my large intestine. I needed surgery. A week later I met with a surgeon.

The pre-cancerous mass is not malignant, but it does need removing. Another doctor I talked with asked if I realized what was the key word in the phrase pre-cancerous mass. I didn’t know. He said that it’s “pre”. That means that it’s a step above cancer. Good. The surgery is not emergency surgery. Good. There is still plenty of time and the situation isn’t life and death. Not yet, at least.

I realize that this is serious. In addition, I understand pre-cancerous. Mrs. Cg was worried that I’d have a problem getting my mind around all this and that it might be a good idea to talk to shrink. I’ve done that before. This time I have my mind around the situation. I’ve been through other life and death situations in my life. They turned out to be speed bumps. This is just another speed bump.

Anxious? Probably. Worried? I don't think so. Stressed? Let's just say that my blood glucose level has been sky high since getting the news, so I must be. But I know that I'll get through this.

Consider me the colonoscopy poster child. If you’re approaching fifty, get checked. If there’s a history of colon cancer in your family, get checked. If you’re over fifty, get checked. It’s painless. You'll probably even sleep through the procedure like I did. Remember, If you don’t get checked you’ll never know if there’s a problem. You won’t know until it’s too late. So, get checked.

Read more about colonoscopies and colon cancer.

BTW, "Be back soon" was not my first choice for a title. Mrs. Cg didn't think "Does this pre-cancerous mass make me look fat?" was appropriate.


Blogger Len said...

Hope all goes well and yer back and kicking soon.

I'll second everything you write about the procedure (colonoscopy--had one meself about a year ago). Don't know what drugs they use to prep you, but they were niiiiiccccceeeee... Never been that mellow for a while before or since.

Thu Oct 20, 07:31:00 PM CDT  
Blogger poopie said...

Good thing you listened to the Mrs ;) I had my first scope three years ago combined with a tubal. Never knew I was there!

Good wishes coming your way from D'burg. ^j^

Fri Oct 21, 04:50:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Julie said...

Ms. Cg has a great sense of humor and she also is a smart and supportive lady.
Lots of healing and love and support heading you way, I know you will be fit as a fiddle in no time! Have Ms. Cg update your blog to let us know!

Fri Oct 21, 06:48:00 PM CDT  
Blogger egalia said...

Hope everything goes smooth and you are blogging again before you know it.

Sun Oct 23, 12:47:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Marybeth said...

This touches on a sensitive subject with me. My daddy's had several of these and your story sounds so much like his. I even checked your profile to see if you weren't my daddy! Anyhoo, thanks for your story. Hopefully, the courage to tell your story will encourage someone else to get checked. By the way, my daddy's doing just fine and I know you will, too.

Tue Oct 25, 04:30:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Cg said...

Thanks to all who posted here during my absence. Love you all. Consider youselves family. No, you can't borrow money and I won't co-sign a loan.

Fri Oct 28, 06:03:00 PM CDT  

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