Dear Million Mom March Chapter Member,

October is here and the scariest thing is not Halloween, but the "Shoot First" law that has taken effect in Florida.

The law, which is the handiwork of the NRA, allows citizens to use deadly force in public places as a first resort to counter perceived threats. The law, which is being marketed by the NRA as allowing people to protect themselves, is so overly broad and expansive that everyday occurrences such as road rage incidents or a fistfight in a bar during spring break could have deadly consequences for the people involved as well as innocent bystanders.

By allowing the use of deadly force as a first resort, the law has removed the time-honored duty of citizens to walk away, call the police, or find a safe refuge. Finally, innocent bystanders and their families have no civil recourse against the shooter if they are injured or killed in the crossfire even if the shooter initiated the confrontation and fired recklessly on a crowded street. Learn more about this dangerous law at www.shootfirstlaw.org.

The NRA, with its usual arrogance, has announced plans to bring this law to all 50 states.


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