How about some good news

Ever heard of Jacob's Ladder Community Development Corp.? It’s a new non-profit in town. This cdc renovates houses and then sells them. Moreover, each house has a built-in learning center in the child’s room.

I like that.

Jacob’s Ladder is the brainchild of Rev. Bill Marler. Marler’s mission …

is as much about symbols and perception as about wall board and shingles.

Jacob's Ladder's logo -- a white cross in a red ball, a white hammer in a yellow ball, a white house in a blue ball -- "is like a new gang symbol," he said.

I like that.

Jacob’s Ladder is presently a small operation. Marler is the only paid employee. But he has help from his board of directors, volunteers and 20 companies that contribute to his efforts.

Not bad. Now read the complete article.


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