Leon, I expected better from you

I just read Leon Gray's latest post at the PROGRESSIVE TALK 680 BLOG. He opens with a discussion of right and wrong using cigarette and beer ads and the KKK having the right to spew hatred as examples. Okay, I got that.

Then there's this:

I will now cut my own throat… Gays and Lesbians wanted feel free to flaunt their sexuality, excuse me their sexual orientation, which without any doubt is a personal choice, and now have managed to force society to see it their way (meaning that their right)… or at least act like it.
So Leon is saying that being gay is not only a choice, but a wrong choice. Moreover, this wrong choice is being accepted by the non-gay community, therefore the non-gay community is also doing wrong.

He goes on to say that "most of us have chosen to do wrong in our lives and now just don’t feel comfortable openly pointing out the wrongs of others. We’re missing the boat! At this rate, our society will change its position to accommodate any and all wrongs based on a person having the alleged right to choose to do wrong."

Leon is just wrong in his thinking here. In this post he shows both his ignorance and his bigotry. I expected better from him.

Just go read the whole thing. Then read LeftWingCracker and Autoegocrat.


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