As the next election season draws nearer, this site will broadly cover the "big picture" as best it can, but I think that it is also important to provide readers with focused information on those incumbents whose subpar service manifests itself in an urgent need for their replacement.

For example, sitting Senators Bowers and Crutchfield are a couple of obvious picks, but there are others who may have escaped your attention, as they have not been indicted with anything criminal. (Plus, Crutchfield is not up for re-election until 2008.) I will spotlight seats in the General Assembly where I feel a concerted, nonpartisan citizen effort is most needed to "purge" the position and thus provide that district's constituents with the representation they deserve (or, even better than they deserve, as the case may be).

Without further ado, let's raise the curtain on this project, and shine our Cleen Gubmint Spotlight on a Person..


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