Tennessee is no perfect world

Yesterday there was a Commercial Appeal editorial about insurance coverage in Tennessee. At first I thought I’d misread it.
… insurance companies can't be forced to cover medical expenses in a car wreck where a family member of the injured party is at fault, the Tennessee Supreme Court has decided.
The rationale?

Plaintiffs, seeking a ban on the exclusion that would create a more consumer-friendly insurance environment in Tennessee, had presented what seemed like a persuasive case: Policies written by the defendants violate Tennessee law by failing to conform to a 2001 law that requires every Tennessee driver to have liability insurance.

Insurance companies fought the ban because of concerns about exaggerated injury claims by family members.

Somehow, I knew that any editorial that used the phrase “Tennessee is no perfect world” would not contain material that would bode well for the state. I was wrong though. There was this punch line. Buyers beware. Select your insurance provider carefully and read the fine print.

Read the rest of the editorial.


Blogger poopie said...

Uninsured motorists. Kinda like uninsured healthcare consumers.

Sun Oct 09, 08:12:00 PM CDT  

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